The material on this website is for the general information of our clients and visitors. This website does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security or investment product, and may not be relied upon in connection with any offer or sale of securities. Nothing on this website is a recommendation that you purchase, sell or hold any security, or that you pursue any investment style or strategy. Nothing on this website is intended to be, and you should not consider anything on the website to be, investment, accounting, tax or legal advice.

Client Identification Program
To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money-laundering activities, and to verify your identity, federal law may require The New Amsterdam Group BV (New Amsterdam) to obtain your name, date of birth, address and a government-issued identification number before opening your account. If you are acting on behalf of a corporate entity, we may be required to obtain your name and title, and the corporation’s address and government-issued identification number. In certain circumstances, New Amsterdam may obtain and verify this information with respect to any person(s) authorized to effect transactions in an account. Your account may be restricted and/or closed if New Amsterdam cannot verify this information. New Amsterdam will not be responsible for any losses or damages (including but not limited to lost opportunities) resulting from any failure to provide this information, or from any restriction placed upon, or closing of, your account.

Conflicts of Interest
New Amsterdam and its affiliates may from time to time engage in activities that are in conflict with their securities customers. The employees of New Amsterdam, its contract consultants, and its affiliates are bound to the customer’s best interests and are required to notify New Amsterdam of any possible or potential conflict of interest which may result from their other activities, and may commence such other activities only after the prior, written approval of New Amsterdam, which may not be unreasonably withheld.

Important: all investments contain an element of risk, and no investor should decide to commit funds without first consulting with a competent professional adviser. The past performance of any investment, investment strategy or investment style is not indicative of future performance. Future results may vary, and are not guaranteed. The value of investments and their income may increase or decrease, and a loss of principal – including all principal – may occur.

Private Placements
New Amsterdam is a private placement broker, regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). We are registered as an investment firm and are licensed to ‘Receive and transmit orders’ (license 14004963). Our firm does not hold securities; all accounts and assets are held by our clients or their qualified custodians.

A private placement is the sale of registered or unregistered securities to eligible counterparties, a limited number of qualified private investors, including institutional investors, professional investors, and entities that meet specific investor eligibility requirements.

Securities purchased through private placements typically fall into the category of alternative assets – investments that often have a low correlation to public markets and offer essential diversification to portfolios dominated by traditional stocks and bonds. However, private placements generally are highly illiquid, and are not subject to public disclosure obligations. Investors should consult professional advisers, perform deep due diligence, and engage in careful deliberation before investing.

Qualified Investors
Investing in private placements requires high risk tolerance, low liquidity concerns, and long-term commitment. Investors must be able to afford to lose their entire investment. For those reasons, these offerings may be made available only to eligible counterparties and certain institutional/professional investors. As with all alternative investments, investors must meet certain eligibility tests to qualify as purchasers. Currently, entities must have assets of at least USD 100 million.

Remuneration policy
New Amsterdam has a measured remuneration policy in accordance with the ‘Act on the Remuneration of Financial Undertakings’ of The Netherlands. The remuneration policy is based on the following objectives and principles:

  • New Amsterdam is committed to a policy that is controlled and has no excesses or unwanted stimuli. It should be simple in design and radiate simplicity.
  • The remuneration policy should promote the integrity and soundness of New Amsterdam with a focus on its long-term interests.
  • The remuneration policy is attractive for attracting and retaining talent in the labor market.
  • There must be fair internal pay ratios.
  • The remuneration policy allows for variable remuneration, insofar as it is permitted under applicable legislation.
  • The remuneration policy applies to all employees, including managers, freelancers and temporary workers.

The New Amsterdam Group BV strives for satisfied clients. If you are not satisfied with our services, please inform us and we will seek a suitable solution for you. You can contact New Amsterdam by phone (+31 20 799 7337) or preferably in writing, noting the date and the nature of your complaint. You will receive a written response within two weeks. If you disagree with the answer to your complaint, then you may appeal. This means that you let us know by registered letter that you do not agree with our reply and seek another solution. Mention in your letter the following points: description of your complaint; your name, address, telephone number and email address. Please also submit documentation and / or information to clarify and substantiate your complaint. We strive to provide you with a substantive response within two weeks. If the processing takes longer, we will inform you about it.